Google Drive gets Advantages with natural language search, enhancements

Google nowadays declared the release of latest options for its Google Drive cloud file syncing and sharing service. currently the tool can supply suggestions for misspelled words after you sort within the search box. And also, you’ll act and sort with an equivalent words that you simply would use if you were speaking once you’re attempting to search out specific documents.

Natural Language Processing

The update brings many new practicality acquainted to Google Search users. Firstly, Google Drive currently supports Natural Language Processing (NLP). This primarily suggests that users will look for files in Google Docs with natural, informal language syntax, and Drive can realize it for you.

“budget Type:Spreadsheet” Google Drive “will perceive what you mean and provides you the choice to click for those specific search results,” in step with Google’s journal post. However, Drive can initial iterate your question to a a lot of specific one before it starts looking.
The second feature is that the ‘Did you mean’ search suggestions that Search users typically get once there area unit typos in their queries. Drive’s new auto correct suggests corrections to misspelled search terms.

Other options for Google Docs found with the new update area unit

Other options during this unharness embrace a replacement thanks to prepare a Google Docs get in columns associate degree an possibility for saving a non-Google file to your Google Drive once you’ve opened or altered it in Drive




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